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When Your Light is Out

The Inner Light.

We all have it.

It lies deep within the middle of our hearts and it flickers alive from the moment we are born till our last breath.

Sometimes your Inner Light shines brightly and vibrantly.

You know exactly what it feels like when your Inner Light is turned on and groovin’.

You feel it when you participate in an activity that brings you joy.

You feel it when you are in deep, blissful love.

You feel it when you are looking' good and turnin’ heads, struttin’ down the street.

You feel it when you are smack dab in the middle of a laughing fit and the sizzle after you dry the giggle tears off your face.

Or when you are doing the noble act of helping someone in need.

When you feel your life is in direct alignment with your dreams and desires, that is when you can feel the heat of that Inner Light burn.

You feel ready to take on the world.

You also know how it feels when your Inner Light is not as bright as you wish it would be.

This shows up when going through a breakup, a loss, disappointment, grief, trauma, or sadness.

This shows up when your inner critic, egoic mind, monkey brain, small self or whatever you want to call that voice that is feeding you hateful words, is speaking loudly and convincingly.

Or you are spiraling into a depression that you cannot even fathom to crawl out of without permanent scars.

This is when that Inner Light feels dim or seems to be completely burnt out.

You may feel a slight sharp pain in your chest, or an emptiness in your stomach that makes you want to hide. Or you feel numb and choose to throw your emotions far away outside of your body.

I know all of these feelings. The ups and downs of life has washed over my body a multitudes of times, sometimes within mere moments of each other. I have been on the ground without the slightest idea of how to pick myself up.

Here is what I have learned - your Light is ALWAYS present - even when you are certain that it never existed in the first place.

No matter what is going on, whatever hardship you are encountering, your Light is still burning. Even when you are in your darkest of darkest of hours, your Light never leaves you.

Your Inner Light has an important job to do for you when you are feeling like you want to hide and crawl your way through your day.

Your Inner Light's divine purpose is to remind you that you will one day soon be back to yourself. That you will feel that joy again.

To allow your Inner Light to perform it’s magic, all you must do is recognize that it is present and trust that it is there to support you.

You need not adjust your light levels. You need not force a change. Just the slight remembrance is enough.

This is easier said than done, and a practice that will turn into a habit that will change your life forever.

A great mantra to think through this time is :

My Inner Light is here to guide me through this.

As you remind yourself of your Inner Light’s existence, your light will meet you, heal, and gently bring you to recovery.

Your Light will bring you back to the present moment, where choices live and possibilities are endless. Your Inner Light will set you up to one day open up again. You will take that first breath of “yes, I can do this.” You will switch it on. And when you do, that joy, happiness, and will reappear and you will feel the slight burn again.

This will be a time of celebration!!!

All because of you remembering.

Wherever you are, dear friend, your Inner Light is always on.

A kiss from my Light to Yours,

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