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HELLO and Hello!  Welcome!!

My name is Aimée (pronounced A-may...sassy I know)

My name means “dearly loved, beloved, love” and that is exactly what I stand for : Love.  


I am an actor, singer, director, producer, Love coach.   A sensitive soul, I grew up in Livingston, NJ, with a Curiosity for life and a very Open, Loving Heart.


I started sharing my Love through Creativity at a young age


  • ​I hummed with the radio before I spoke a single word

  • Produced shows with the neighborhood kids which featured us lip syncing to the Jackson 5 for our parents

  • Was bit by the acting bug and was accepted into college for musical theatre at Syracuse University


I felt the most Love when I was Creating, and wanted to spread this Love with the entire world.

When I went away for school, something shifted.  I became doubtful of myself and my Creativity.


Who was I to think that I had something to offer?   


I put a very high expectation on myself in becoming both a perfect Artist and perfect Person.  


  • When I wouldn’t get a show or gig, I would think I am not talented enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not confident enough, not good enough

  • These thoughts turned into I am not talented, I am not pretty, I am not skinny, I am not confident, I am not good and it showed in my work as an Artist

  • I was told that I was too sensitive and I allowed that to cripple and alienate both my friendships and romantic relationships

  • I sabotaged myself when something good would happen, not believing that I was deserving of good things

  • I was starved of Love, and became a serial monogamist wherein I would Love so hard and lose myself in the man

  • I was constantly putting myself down, comparing my life with everyone around me, and judging myself and others so harshly, especially when I was Creating 


These thoughts and messages left me feeling unhappy, unpeaceful, and stuck for most of my adult life.


I went in and out of depression and anxiety constantly. Then, at age 30,  I hit rock bottom. I completely lost Faith in everything.


  • I was called back for a dream role of mine for the millionth time, and yet again did not book it

  • I discovered that my boyfriend had been unfaithful and I was left with a very broken heart

  • I hit a deep depression, where I could not get off the couch to do the simplest of things



I decided to quit the business, to stop Creating.


I was completely lost.

If I was not an actor, singer, Creative person anymore - who was I?  


So-I decided to get practical with myself.  


What was something that I KNEW I was good at?

Loving people.  Giving Love to others.


And in what ways was I showing that to myself?

I wasn’t.


I noticed that these "I am not enough", undeserving thoughts in my head were the things that were holding me back in being the Loving person I was.


My thoughts were self hating.  


So-I flipped it.  

What is the opposite of self hating?


Self Loving.


HUZZAH!  But what is Self Love?  

I had no idea.  


I became Curious.  I set to learn what Self Love was...


 I investigated the negative thoughts and beliefs that I held close to my heart, and challenged them.  


  • I learned through Meditation that we have complete control over our thoughts, and have the personal power to question them and change them

  • I researched and studied Love and found scientific proof that our Loving thoughts change not only our state of Happiness, Peace, and Joy, but it can change our physical world

  • I discovered Self Love techniques, and started Creating them myself


What I learned BLEW MY MIND!!!!


I didn’t need to beat myself up to Live. 

What I needed was to be more Loving to myself and others!   


It sounded so simple.  And it was.   


Through my research, I Created a WHOLE NEW WAY OF LIVING.

My Life has changed drastically for the better


  • I am more confident in my auditions, my interviews, in myself

  • I am finally comfortable in my own skin, and Honoring my amazingness, uniqueness, and talent

  • I am experiencing pure Joy and Happiness in my day to day

  • I have and feel so much more Love in my relationships and in me!


I started Open Heart Searchery because I, like most Creative people, needed more Love. 


My Philosophy is

The more Loving you are to yourself and the beings around you, the more Love you will receive in your career, in your relationships, and your well being.  This Love changes our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, and puts us in a position to Create and Fulfil our Heart's Dreams.


This power is imperative for any Creative Selves to Master.

I did it-and will help you too.  


So, that’s me.  A Creative, Open Hearted being, wanting to Inspire others to Live a Life with more Happiness, Peace, Joy, and, of course, Love.  


May you Live Your Life in Love,



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