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Here are the Goodies!

I will work with you in Building, Expanding, and Creating the Life you always Dreamed of!  


"...working with Aimée and Open Heart Searchery to help me see the things that are holding me back, to see the things in my life that I have put upon myself without realizing, and to see that I do not need those self-hindrances. And that is the essence of Open Heart Searchery- learning the shackles and impediments we place upon ourselves, and, in realizing all that unneeded bull****, giving us the freedom to get rid of those negatives and refocus. It allowed me to realize the direction I really want to head and to be like SIddhartha's rock in water, but in all of life." Evan Bass, actor/writer/producer/improviser/entrepreneur


“Aimée's approach to life coaching is honest, heartfelt and undeniably inspirational. Incorporating spirituality, as well as focusing on my personal strengths, not only did I leave our session more aware than ever of what I have to offer the world, she helped me uncover the courage and confidence I needed to start moving in the direction I wanted to go.” - Andrea G, actress/dancer




"Both through coaching and the November Gratitude daily activities, I am living my life with far more purpose and clarity. Aimee's wise, thoughtful and kind teachings have given me a much needed guidance in the right direction, and I have received many rewards and benefits in the process. As I am aware my journey is an ongoing one, I wish to continue to work Open Heart Searchery to help ease the pain and confusion that sometimes goes along with change, and to have someone to to cheer me on during victories."-Maria U, herbalist



"Open Heart Searchery gave me the opportunity to meet with a group of people who know EXACTLY what I'm going through in my daily life. We could all laugh, cry, complain, and ponder the same things. It was so nice to feel supported and guided by such a generous, open, caring person. WIth Aimee, I never feel judged. I always feel like my opinions, stories, anecdotes, questions are valuable and important. She really takes the time to get to know you as a person, as an artist, and as a human being. She makes you a priority in her life, and you truly feel taken care of. I'd absolutely recommend working with Aimee to anyone who's creative, passionate, and trying to put their life in balance in order to move forward!"  - Jenna P, actor, singer

Creative Talk it Through


It's YOU and ME, baby!


Sometimes you just need that extra nudge from an outside lady.  And I am here to give it to ya!


If you

  • Start the year off with resolutions, but never follow through

  • Allow your anxieties to get in your way when going in for a new job

  • Have a hard time being your authentic self when meeting people

  • Feel stuck in your day to day routine, and want to break out and jazz things up

  • Want more adventure and creativity in your life

  • Have the desire for change but have no idea where or how to start

  • Looking for love in all the wrong places, and are eager to find a relationship that lasts

  • Desire more Love, Peace, Happiness in your every day! 


Let's Talk it Through! Being a creative spirit myself, I have learned the ins and outs on how to manifest your dreams into reality.  


Together we shall-

  • Talk Through your wants and desires in your creative life, relationship life, and personal life

  • Design a clear, practical plan that will permit you to easily achieve your goals

  • Discover the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back and learn the ways to get them out of your head for good

  • Talk through health and wellness, a great platform in creating a Self Love routine

  • Learn how you can add more Love in your Life, which will automatically leave you feeling more Peace, Joy, and Freedom







Motivational Ring


Motivational Rings is a quick and easy way to get your head into the game for your next big interview, audition, meeting, or date!



you have a big audition for a kick-a** part


you are in the final interview for your dream job 


you finally got the guts to ask out that cute barista, and you have a date TONIGHT!


Motivational Rings gives you that extra BOOST, that bit of juju to get you in the right mindset before your Big Thang!


Here is the deal-


Step 1 - Answer a few questions on what your Big Thang is

Step 2 - Schedule a Motivational Ring before your Big Thang

Step 3 - On the big day, you will receive a call from me, with Inspirational words, Affirmations, and quick exercises, hand crafted for YOU!


You will hang up the feeling pumped, excited, confident, grounded and READY for your Big Thang!



Open Heart Love Space Coaching

Let’s add more Love in your Life!


The Power of Love is undeniable. When you Live in a space of Love, your Life automatically aligns with what you desire.  


No matter what your Love Life looks like, Living with an Open Heart is the KEY in experiencing a Happier, more Joyful, and Abundant Life. The more Open your Heart is, the more you shall receive!  And I am here to Enrich, Expand, and Enliven your Love Space!


Are you....




  • Feeling good in all other aspects of your life, but “the one” has yet to reveal him/herself?

  • Tired of the usual dating websites, and want to expand your dating pool?

  • Enjoying your dating life, but always hit the same wall after a few dates?

  • Newly single and need an extra nudge back into the dating scene?

  • Attracting the same type of person that you know is not all in alignment with what you want?

  • Experiencing dating anxieties which prevent you from having a fun on the actual date?


Together We Will


  • Identify the specifics traits, values, qualities that you want in a partner 

  • Discover what is really holding you back in finding your mate, and kick it those habits to the curb

  • Eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs, opening you up to attract your perfect match

  • Strengthen the Love for yourself and for others

  • Practice Gratitude exercises to magnifiy the Love that is already present in your daily life

  • Learn to ask for what you want and allow yourself to receive it openly and effortlessly



In a Relationship


  • Looking for more connection with your partner on a mental, emotional, and sexual level?

  • Hitting the same relationship roadblocksk and would LOVE to break them apart for good?

  • Craving a deeper line of communication with your partner, but feel fearful of what it could do to the relationship?

  • Desiring more pep, fun, and adventure in your relationship?




Together We Will



  • Discuss the Strengths and Victories in your Relationship, to find ways in deepening the connection you have established

  • Find the reasons the relationship roadblocks exist, and discover ways of dispelling them through communication and Love

  • Enhance your understanding of one another, and create a Loving plan tailored to both of your needs

  • Create fun exercises that will bring you closer

  • Identify your personal Love Space, and your Relationship Love Space, which will leave you both feeling Peace and Joy

Heart Healing


  • Recently out of a relationship and having a hard time with the healing process?

  • Exhausted of feeling connected to your ex, and ready to finally let go?

  • Ready to reclaim your personal Strength, Power, and Love, but not sure where to begin?

  • Feeling depleted, unenthusiastic, and unmotivated when it comes to Love?




Together We Will


  • Create a Self Love Regiment, that will allow you to heal in a holistic, gentle, and Loving way

  • Build a strong Love Space foundation, which will strengthen your Heart, and allow you to truly discover what Love means to you

  • Loosen the grip that is binding you with your past relationship, allowing you to let go and open to new possibilities

  • Learn how to break poor Love habits and establish new found Love Goals

  • Reintroduce your personal power into your Life with my Love techniques, which will leave you feeling refreshed, driven, and ready to Open your Heart again!




Open Your Heart and Receive the Love!

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