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Open Heart Searchery is a Creative, Supportive, and Strong house I built when I desperately needed more Love in my Life.


I discovered that through the thoughts I was thinking, the beliefs I was living, the messages that I was feeding myself, I was not Living the Life I desired.  

I was Living a Life in fear.    


The fear showed in my Creative work, my relationships, my self care, and my ability to Love.  I could see that there was a way of Living Happily, Joyfully, Peacefully, and Lovingly-and I wanted IT.  


I had enough. 


I said to myself, “there is NO way I can live this way another day.  It is NOT who I truly am. I am not being my True Self!”    


I chose to reintroduce myself to my Creative Spirit.  I started to Create again, and more Confidentally and Truthfully. I chose to Live my Life with more Love.  I chose to invite the Happiness, Joy, and Peace - and I naturally became more myself, more my True Self.  


This can happen to you.  And I am here to help you.


Open Heart Searchery is a place to feed and inspire your inner Creative Spirit. I want you to remember and get in touch with who you truly are-a Creative, Beautiful, Joyful Human, who deserves all of the Happiness, Peace and Love this world can offer!




Uplift YOU

Motivate you to Live the Life you want to Live

Empower you to Create all that you Desire

Expand the Love in your Life, with YOURSELF and the PEOPLE AROUND YOU

Remind you that you are Pure Love

Ignite the Love inside of you, and have it carry into your relationships, friendships, work, and playtime


Together, Let’s Be Who We Truly Are.  Let’s Honor it.  Let’s Accept it.  And Let’s Strengthen It.  With an Open Heart, Let’s Do This!



with Love,




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