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Self Love is....

Self Loving is one of the beautiful ways we can connect with our Inner Creative Spirit. When we are connected to our Inner Creative Spirit, we allow our Creative Juices to flow into everything that we do, and we feel Peaceful and Happy!

But What is Self Love?

Self Love is Living each moment of every day in a Space of Love for All and for Yourself

Self Love is Honoring myself in each moment, especially the difficult ones

Self Love is being Present in each moment, and Accepting whatever comes my way

Self Love is taking the time to ask myself What do I really need right now to feel good and healthy? and Choosing to do it

Self Love is looking in the mirror and Truly Seeing the Beauty that I see in front of me

Self Love is Accepting Who I Am

Self Love is dancing with every bit of my Heart and Soul

Self Love is Forgiving myself for the mistakes that I have made, and using their Learnings to make myself Stronger, Brighter, and More Confident

Self Love is Embracing the parts of Life that Give Me Pleasure with all of my Heart

Self Love is Choosing to Live this Life with Gratitude

Self Love is a Practice, in which I Learn more and more about myself along the way

What does Self Love mean to you? Share with us below !

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