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A Five Minute Gratitude Exercise for Creativity Flow

Practicing Gratitude is a sure fire way of feeling more Joy, Love, and Positivity in your Life. I use Gratitude every single day to remind me of the Abundance that I possess, and it encourages me to be more Compassionate, Caring, and Loving.

I also use Gratitude when I am seeking a Creativity boost!

When you are feeling stuck or desire a new perspective while you are Creating, try this quick Gratitude Exercise to ignite your Personal Creativity Fire and place you in your Creativity Flow!

WARNING : This exercise may bring you excitement, determination, drive, and fresh ideas. Get ready.

Five Minute Gratitude Exercise for Creativity Flow

You will need -

a piece of paper

a pen (bright, fun colors are a plus)

a timer

Find a quiet place where you will be at Peace

Set timer for 3 minutes

Write down a list of people (that are close to you or people you have not met), places, experiences, and art that Inspire you to be Creative

After the 3 minutes is up, pick one of your Creative Inspiration

Set timer for 2 minute

Write and Express Gratitude for this one particular Creative Inspiration. Daydream about how you can use this Creative Inspiration in your next project, and write down whatever sparks your interest

And that’s it!

Continue the rest of your day with the feeling of Gratitude for your personal Creative Inspirations and use them to add more flair and vivaciousness in your project.

Sharing builds the Energy around you! Share your list below!

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