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Discovering What Moves You

I snapped this photo during a camping trip with my boyfriend in Tuxedo, NY. It was an AMAZING trip, (and my first time camping) filled with butterflies, smells of grass and dirt, a nap in a hammock, and a campfire that provided perfect s'mores!

Each time I leave the busy hustle of New York City I am able to take a breath and get in touch with my Creative Spirit.

As Creative Spirits, our Artistic Expression and Inspiration grows more and more as we Live and Experience. Each day that we wake up in the morning and start our day on this earth, we grow, we transform, we evolve closer to our absolute, True Self.

When we are our True Selves, Happiness, Abundance, and Love flow naturally to us. And believe me - this is a very good thing.

A very satisfying way of how to honor your Artistic self, your True Self, is to get in touch with What Moves You.

What Moves You is that little fire that supports your dreams. It contributes how you perceive the world, and how you walk on the ground beneath you.

What Moves You comes in different shapes, textures, sizes, and feelings. What moves you may be a Mozart concerto, or a Beyoncé anthem. It may be taking a walk in nature and really enjoying the scents of the trees and flowers that grow around you. It may be a poem, a conversation with a dear friend, preparing cupcakes for your co-workers, enjoying a delicious, exotic cup of tea.

When you are in touch with What Moves You, you automatically are granted more energy, more resilience, more magic, and more juice to get your work done.

It also, and more importantly, brings you back to YOU, reminding you what you are here to do, and how you intend to do it.

A great Buddhist psychologist I follow is Tara Brach. Her insights about life and love are extremely inspirational to me and led to this exercise which shall guide you into Discover What Moves You.

Take a moment to reflect on one or all of these following questions:

What makes your heart feel full?

What brings you pure joy?

How do you see the world around you?

What would you Love to contribute?

What moves you, each time you experience it?

Discovering what moves you, acknowledging it, and putting it to action, is Honoring YOU.

Your True Self.

Your Creative Self.

Your Wonderful Self.

Your Loving Self.

You are, just WOW,

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