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Dearly Beloved

"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. " - Prince

What is mortality and what is our purpose on earth? These are two questions that always come to mind when I hear someone has passed away.

I was in Central Park sipping on a gentle lavender latte with my friend Sheri when she received a text message that Prince had died.

I instantly flashed to the weekend before. Sheri, Caitlin, CJ, Alex, and I were dancing at a Michael Jackson and Prince DJ party in Brooklyn.The music was killer and I remember thinking “wow, Prince is freaking incredible and is still kicking it!” We were surrounded by super fans that were honoring him, like us, dancing like mad men and women.

On the dance floor, we were all one, just sweating and grooving and sharing in the pure, utter joy.

Cut back to Sheri and I on the grass and we did not know what to say. We did not know Prince personally. How can we process this kind of loss?

I notice a common light that awakens when a celebrity like a Prince, Bowie, Michael, Robin, Philip, Whitney crosses over. Facebook feeds flood with favorite videos, memories, and stories. Local bars choose to play their music for the night and movie marathons are added to television stations.

The world comes together a little bit closer to share in both the grief and celebration.

We recognize that we were all influenced by that icon. We recognize how that artist shaped us to be who we are today. We recognize that we all shared similar experiences, similar feelings, similiar love.

We choose to share our own personal stories and we recognize that we are more alike than we thought. We choose to be more grateful for the life that we are living and the people in it.

This is beautiful.

I have never had a near death experience and I have never had my mortality in jeopardy. But when someone passes, whether I know them personally or not, the amount of time we have on this earth becomes real and I question - how do I want to spend it going forward?

I leave these questions for you to ponder :

How can you love a little bit more in your life, starting now?

How can you love yourself a little bit more in your life, starting now?

How can you express your feelings to the people that are in your lives, starting now?

How can you find strength a little bit more in your life, starting now?

How can you (finally and gently) let go of what does not and never did serve you, starting now?

I do not know what the meaning of life is. But what I do know is that we are gathered here to grow in this life and experience it in it’s entirety. We are here to experience it together.

Now is the time to experience it fully.

Thank you, Prince.

With love and gratitude,

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