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How Accepting My Gift Changed My Life

My name is Alex...and I talk to dead people!​

There are lots of words associated with what I do. Medium, Psychic, Psychic is the case with most labels in life, they are for other people to comfortably identify with.

I've always just been a guy who can talk to this other guy...who happens to not be alive in our realm! I'm like Whoopi in Ghost!

I love this special gift that I have been blessed with. It allows me to help many people reconnect with loved ones and provide insight on both past and present experiences.

However, there were a few years in there where I tried not to communicate with him, that I chose to reject my gift.

Those were times where I wanted to listen to my ego and my fear of being misunderstood or unaccepted took over.

But when I accepted my gift, my life’s work and my love’s work kicked in, and so did my happiness and acceptance in general.

My guide's name is Kazoo and I first began communicating with him at the age of 4.

At some point during my 6th or 7th year of life, our communication dissipated. I can't remember why. Perhaps my mother told me to stop speaking to imaginary people. Or I was simply miffed that Kazoo couldn't offer more than just our private visits. I know now that I was too young to accept more and that I would get so much more from him later. Either way, I decided that this special gift was not something I should share. I chose to ignore Kazoo, to put him away, and move on with my life.

When I was 19 years old and in college at the University Of Florida I had been cast in a play. The play was called Mud by Maria Irene Fornes and it was a very emotionally heavy and raw play.

As part of the rehearsal process, my director/teacher decided to bring in a medium to help with the open hearted searchers of our characters.

When it was my turn with the medium, she visibly lit up. She had tapped into something and told me about this young man who had spoken to me as a child and was ecstatic at the chance to reconnect.

I remembered instantly, but still skeptical and a bit nervous, hesitated to admit it.

She then recanted a story from our time together that I remembered vividly. I had a toy magician's wand that I had asked him to sprinkle with magic so that I can perform magic. I was floored. This was only something that I had spoken with Kazoo, and the memories flooded back!

I was reconnecting with a spirit guide that I was open enough to speak to as a child, but lost as I grew older!

As the session continued, I began to hear him clearly again. At first I wasn’t confident that I was actually hearing him. It was not an audible voice, but more like a thought or dialogue that popped into my head that was not my own.

The medium went on to coach me in listening and using the words that he has to offer to guide other people throughout life.

That was twenty years ago. I've personally received tons of guidance from Kazoo in the last twenty years, and so have a close group of friends who have known about him since we reconnected in college. It’s quite common that I will get texts from them...not for me….for Kazoo. The guidance he has provided for my friends and I has been invaluable.

After reflecting on my own life and his role in it, I realized that our communication is an opportunity.

An opportunity for me to exercise one of my “gifts’ or talents...because we all have more than one that makes us light up....and use it to create more abundance for myself in a way that I get to connect with others.

I started a business doing readings for people who seek guidance from their spirit guides…and absolutely love it.

As creative, open people, It is so easy for us to push our creative calling aside, because our ego tells us to. What I have learned through reconnecting with my gift, is using your gift, developing it, and spreading it with the world is invaluable.

You have the choice to accept or reject your gift. If you choose to accept it, and accept it fully, you will be guided by it into a life that you love.

Alex Altomonte is an actor, writer and spiritual advisor living in Astoria NY. Book a session at

follow Alex on Facebook at alexthemedium, on twitter @alexaltomonte, on instagram @gypsy75.

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