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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Creative Spirit SING!

Hey guys! It is a quiet, gray day here in New York City. I had one of those late nights working, and one of those early-rise mornings. I get so excited to write to you guys, sometimes I cannot sleep!

Okay, so today I want to talk about your Creative Spirit. Your Creative Spirit is that beautiful light in you that connects with your creative self. It is the part of you that gets inspired and pulls that inspiration into whatever type of project you do. Your Creative Spirit is your inner guide, that voice that cheers you on, and the voice gives you clues on what to do next when it comes to your business, your art, or your life.

And here is the kicker--your Creative Spirit is your TRUE SELF. And it comes from PURE LOVE.

Especially on a gray day like today, it is sometimes hard to wake up that Creative Spirit self. So I present to you...

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Creative Spirit Sing!!!

Greet It!

What a difference a little "hello" can make! This is the key of acknowledging and getting in touch with that true, pure love self. I love to do this in the morning. It sets my day up just right, but you can do this anytime throughout your day (especially if you are feeling like your inner critic is a bit louder than usual).

Love it!

Give your Creative Spirit some Love! Your Creative Spirit is pure love, and what a wonderful way for it to sing and dance and become more present in your life. It is for you to give it love as well. Express to your Creative Spirit your wisdom, and make commitment to it that you are ready to listen with an open heart.

Create an Intention!

I have always said that Intentions are a wonderful pathway into getting what you truly want.

Creating an intention puts out in the universe, your mind, your body, and what you are truly looking for. I love working with intentions in the morning. Its kind of like Sesame Street's Word of the Day. It is a little theme for your day.

So, with your Creative Spirit, create an intention. Maybe your intention is to give a little bit of kindness to every person you come in contact with today. Maybe your intention is to see a difficult situation a bit clearer, and to find peace. Whatever you intention is, creating this with your Creative Spirit is one step closer to actualizing this. Your Creative Spirit is pure love-it wants the best for you.

And that's it! These are three easy, simple steps in connecting with your inner guide self. Take as much or as little time with these gems, and see how you feel afterwards. I bet your Creative Spirit will start singing, and pouring out beautiful ideas, inspirations, and gold that you can put into your everyday life.

with Love,

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