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How to Approach Change

My Beautiful friend Tyler, is going through a huge personal change in his Life. He has Been doing some major inner and Self Love work and making huge Discoveries that has resulted in a leap of Self Acceptance.

This is rippling into a huge amount of transformation in his life, both mentally and in his outer environment. It is absolutely incredible and exciting, and I am so proud of him!

One thing we spoke about is how hard change is, and what makes it hard is not always obvious.

Tyler is experiencing this wonderful euphoria in the changes that he is making with his new-found Life perspective. He is feeling really Happy and Confident in his own skin, and excited to share these yummy discoveries with the people in his life. However, he is not feeling the support he craves from his loved ones, and it is leaving him feeling this duality of sheer Happiness for this self growth and misunderstood loneliness.

And those two feelings are quite confusing.

What he was explaining really hit home with feelings I experienced during Self Discovery change.

But let’s pause and just talk about Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change.

Change, in general, is really, really hard for me. When I changed my job this year, it took months for me to get into the new routine of a new schedule. When I changed my living situation last year and had a lot more time by myself, it took me a long time to get passed feeling lonely.

Now, when it comes to Self Discovery, that is a whole other Beast. Self Discovery is so personal, so close to the heart. When you choose to change a Belief or thought that you have had all of your life, it is natural for an unsettling feeling to trickle in. And seeking support from the people around you is also very natural.

So what do I suggest?

First things first.

Honor Yourself.

You are Brave, Brave, Brave to even approach this kind of work. Your heart is open, and you are making steps towards Happiness and Peace, and that is to Be applauded.

Then, BE Gentle.

Change is hard. It can be uncomfortable, and messy, and Ahhh! The Best way for you to get to the other side of this is to Be Gentle with yourself, AND to others around you.

When you are Gentle with yourself, you are giving yourself a little cushion of Love, to figure out and learn through the Self

Discovery, so that it can Become comfortable.

When you are Gentle with others, you are Accepting and Understanding that they are not as caught up in your process as you are. Your loved ones, your friends, your biggest cheerleaders also need time to readjust to your new life change, and if you are Gentle with them, it will make the whole process smoother for all.

As soon as I was Gentle with my new job, I was able to enjoy my new schedule.

As soon as I was Gentle with my loneliness, I discovered how much I LOVE my moments of solitude.

So if you are going through a change in your life - either personally, financially, in your relationships, or spiritually, Be Gentle. To everyone, everything, and yourself. Allow yourself to give yourself all your Love. It will guide you on your path.

You are so Brave,


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