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My Announcement...

Hello I have an announcement to make. Its pretty big and I think it'll change my life.

I have decided to be happy.

I have come to terms that there are women who are prettier then me, smarter than me, more talented than me, and who have flawless-er bodies they do not have to work for than me. I’m still awesome.

I understand that I can work very hard and sometimes see no results.

I know that people will be late to meet me. Sometimes the same people. Sometimes me.

I can't take care of everyone. I can give advice; whether they take it right away, or at all, it is out of my control.

Everyone can't take care of me. They can give me advice; whether I take it right away, or at all, is out of their control. But I should listen. Especially when the person giving the advice is supplying it from a place of their personal nostalgia.

I know that there are friends and collegues who have more money then me, who have advanced further then me. We’re the same age and they have more; it’s not their fault. And when that friend is me, I won't be ashamed.

I will surround myself with people who want to be surrounded by me. Who celebrate it, thank God for what we have, and shout it from the mountain tops (or rooftop of their 6th floor walk up).

I will only dedicate myself to people that allow me to surround them with MY love that let ME celebrate it and thanks God for it and lets ME shout it from the mountaintops (or my 6th floor walk up)

I will not be shy or timid to share my beliefs in a higher power. In equality for all. In Love. In faith. In meat.

I will swipe my metro card and understand that a 20 minute ride could easily be a hour ride. This will never change. Leave early.

Sometimes people are not nice. They will hate me before they see me. They will steal. Their problems/issues were taught and learned long ago. I can only go so far trying to change them. Rather than allowing their shortcomings to steal my light, I will send them love. I will always try.

I will wear my dark skin, kinky hair, and gender as an honor. I will not let anything limit me. I have accepted the fact that these honors will cause me to have to work harder than some. That is not their fault.

I will not fight my demons or flaws. I will bow to them, not out of submission but rather respect. I'll reason. I'll find a way to make them work. My flaws are mine and I will not let people make me feel bad about them. Trust me, I know them. I'm dealing with them.

I have decided to live not in my head, but in reality.

If I'm not exercising and living healthily, I can't be surprised when I've gained weight or feel exhausted all the time. The jig is up.

If I'm not training, I can't be surprised that I'm not as sharp as I used to be. Discipline must remain consistent.

I will cry when I want. If I don't think its funny, I will not laugh. If I want to be cranky, I will. Doing any of the former doesn't make me a negative person. It makes me human.

And even if I am cranky I will wake everyday and realize that every breath I take is a miracle. A freaking miracle.

I know some won't care. I know this decision won't affect most people. But that's okay. Because I decided to be happy.

Vasthy has been working as a professional actress all over the world for over a decade. She has danced with Micheal Jackson, had her own character on a cartoon show and has preformed on Broadway. She combined her love of crafts and music and with a friend started VandJ designs.

Vasthy also lives playing the guitar, eating, drinking wine with friends and laughing until it absolutely hurts.

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