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A Mantra : Be Me Now

Be You NOW

Hey! Raise your hand if you Love waiting!

Raise your hand if you are waiting for something to happen to make you Happy!

Psssst. Listen.

There are so many times in my life where I would say to myself -

“Everything will fall into place after I book a Broadway show. THEN, I will be successful.”

“I will feel beautiful when I lose that 15 pounds”

“I need a boyfriend to feel loving and grounded.”

The truth is, all of these thoughts are pointing at something else or someone else to provide you with Happiness. And that my friend is a powerless feeling.

I would love to share a mantra I created

Be Me Now.

This came to me when I was fed up with waiting for something or someone to give me permission to Live the way I want to Live.

I asked myself how many more years I was willing to wait to be the person I wanted to be, to stay in a small place waiting for someone to and something to bring me Happiness?

And the answer was “NO MORE!”

There is no time but the Present.

Now is the time for you to start to be the person you always wanted to be (and in Truth, your True Self).

Now I know what you are saying.

“But, some of my goals require the acceptance or approval from another. Just feeling good and positive is not going to magically make my goals a reality.”

And that is where I challenge you.

Our thoughts create our emotions. Our emotions dictate how we act, and therefore, become in alignment with the goals that we seek.

If our thoughts are “I will only be happy when…” there is an ever so slight underlying feeling of “I am unhappy..”

However if you think of how you are Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance NOW, and invite those feelings in, your actions will reflect those emotions!

It is YOUR CHOICE to invite and feel the feelings that you want to feel.

It is YOUR CHOICE to be the person you want to be.

This will give you more energy to go for your goals. This will attract more people in your life that will love being around you, the TRUE you, which may lead to a better friendship, relationship, job, etc.

Be Me Now

If you want to be Successful, start feeling Successful right NOW. Write out a list of all of the things that you have succeeded in this past year. Welcome and allow yourself to feel the success pumping through your veins!

If you want more Love in your life, start living in your Love Space. Start acknowledging the Love that you feel now-who you Love now, what you love now, how you Love yourself NOW.

If you want more abundance, take open your awareness and notice what you have now that is alignment with your goals. Start a gratitude journal, and truly feel the gratitude of what you have in your Life today.

Be Me Now.

Not tomorrow.

Not five years from now.

Not when the stars align and your Saturn returns to the fifth house of your Leo Moon.

Be Who You Want to Be Now.

Be Who You TRULY ARE Now.

Invite it.

It’s that simple.

Going for the challenge? Tell me how it goes!

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