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8 Self Love Tips to Start TODAY

Here are 8 Simple Self Love Tips that will jump you into a Self Love Practice. Pick one or two and feel the Love!

1. Make your Bed and Do your Dishes

These two simple tasks are an easy Self Love practice. How good does it feel to come home from a long day to a clean kitchen and a neatly made bed? This shows respect for your living space, and will also give your mind a sense of ease by eliminating those cluttery piles of dishes and messy folded up bedspreads!

2. Take a 5 minute walk after lunch

I know after lunch I can feel lethargic. Taking a walk after nourishing your body gives you an extra energy boost and is a great opportunity to check in with YOU. Take five minutes to get in touch with yourself: how are you feeling? how can you make the rest of your day spectacular?. When you get back to work, you will feel even more pumped to get on with the rest of your day.

3. Slow Down Your Chewin’

Eating on the run is a regular occurence for us busy humans. Fine for a crazy schedule, and terrible for our bodies. Digestion starts in the mouth, and when you eat fast, your saliva cannot break down the food as well as it could, which results in your stomach to do extra work. Self Love Tip #3-Slow down your chewing. So simple, but huge for our wellness. Become Mindful during your meals. Really taste the flavors and textures of the food you are indulging. Imagine each bite nourishing and replenishing your body. Your body will thank you for this extra bit of Love.

4. Write down three things you Love about YOU

A big part of Self Love practice is Honoring You. Many times we whip by life not truly allowing ourselves to see who we truly are, our true magnificence. Opening ourselves, our hearts to Love what we are is a great Self Love boost. So, write down three things that you Love about YOU and feel your Love grow!

5. Drink an extra glass of water

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! Water makes up more than half of our body weight-and when you are a busy chickadee (or chickadude) you need to restore the water we lose in our daily routine. Water allows our organs to function properly. Not to mention it makes your hair, skin, eyes, body feel and look amazing. Just add another glass of water to your day. Easy!

6. Turn off your phone for 1 hour

Hard to imagine that this is possible, but it 100% is. Just try it. What would it feel like to not have to worry about texts, your facebook feed, or phone calls? Give yourself this gift of silence, and the opportunity to really focus on what you are doing in the moment, without constantly checking your phone. This will give you a sense of quiet, a sense of Peace-a precious Self Love gift for your soul.

7. Hold your Heart

And tell yourself “I love you.” Simple and effective, this Self Love practice allows you to give yourself Pure Love, in the form of these three words.

8. Give Yourself a Lil' Massage

Find a spot in your body where you have tension today, and give it a little bit of love! Massaging sore muscles induces blood flow and will automatically start to release some of that tension. Breathe heavily while you do this to release even more!

Do you have a simple, daily Self Love Tip? Share with us!

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