My #1 Quick Self Love Tip before any BIG THING!

June 10, 2015

Big Things!  Big Things!



Here is a My #1 Self Love Tip before any Big Thing. And it only takes 30 seconds!



but first, a definition



BIG THING:  noun

1. an interview,

2. an audition,

3. a very important meeting,

4. a presentation,

5. a social event,

6. a hot date

7. game nights (I just love game nights.  Crack open that Cranium box, and I am in heaven)



When a Big Thing comes into my life, I use this little exercise to connect myself with what truly matters.  it’s a great energy changer when anxiety and fear creep in.   



So here it is folks - quick and painless !



Before the Big Thing, audition, interview, event, date, show, find a quiet place.   A corner, a stairwell.  I usually do this in the bathroom stall.  



Once you find your mini sanctuary corner, Close your Eyes



Put your hand on your Heart and take a few deep breaths



Pick 1 word to describe how you want to feel during your Big Thing

ex. Love








Silently say “I am wonderful, I am prepared, I am ready.  I am filled with your word and will

Share it with everyone that I come in contact with.”  



And that’s it!  This little technique relaxes me and gives me a positivity boost for the Big Thing.  


It is an instant dose of Self Love, which will bring you closer to your authentic self, and will translate in everything you do.



Bottoms up,



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