August 7, 2015

My name is Alex...and I talk to dead people!​


There are lots of words associated with what I do. Medium, Psychic, Psychic is the case with most labels in life, they are for other people to comfortably identify with.



I've always just been a guy who can talk to this other guy...who...

July 25, 2015

Self Loving is one of the beautiful ways we can connect with our Inner Creative Spirit. When we are connected to our Inner Creative Spirit, we allow our Creative Juices to flow into everything that we do, and we feel Peaceful and Happy!



But What is Self Love?  


Self Love is Living each moment...

July 15, 2015

The Facebook scroll.  The Instagram gander.  


We are in an age where sharing your experiences and your views with the world is as easy as clicking 2-3 buttons on your phone. It’s absolutely incredible, and it is only getting more and more advanced.  


However, sometimes social media can tou...

July 1, 2015

I snapped this photo during a camping trip with my boyfriend in Tuxedo, NY.  It was an AMAZING trip, (and my first time camping) filled with butterflies, smells of grass and dirt, a nap in a hammock, and a campfire that provided perfect s'mores!


Each time I leave the busy hustle of Ne...

June 10, 2015

Big Things!  Big Things!



Here is a My #1 Self Love Tip before any Big Thing. And it only takes 30 seconds!



but first, a definition



BIG THING:  noun

1. an interview,

2. an audition,

3. a very important meeting,

4. a presentation,

5. a social event,

6. a hot date

7. game nights (I just love game nig...

May 31, 2015

Practicing Gratitude is a sure fire way of feeling more Joy, Love, and Positivity in your Life.  I use Gratitude every single day to remind me of the Abundance that I possess, and it encourages me to be more Compassionate, Caring, and Loving.   




I also use Gratitude when I am seekin...

March 24, 2015


Be You NOW


Hey!  Raise your hand if you Love waiting!

Raise your hand if you are waiting for something to happen to make you Happy!


Psssst.  Listen.  


There are so many times in my life where I would say to myself -


“Everything will fall into place after I book a Broadway show.  THEN, I wi...

March 23, 2015


“To Forgive is the highest most beautiful form of Love.  In return you will receive untold Peace and Happiness” - Robert Muller


This time last year I was in love with a man.  Our relationship was what I described as beautiful. We were extremely similar: we liked the same things, were open with...

March 9, 2015


Here are 8 Simple Self Love Tips that will jump you into a Self Love Practice.  Pick one or two and feel the Love!



1.  Make your Bed and Do your Dishes

These two simple tasks are an easy Self Love practice.  How good does it feel to come home from a long day to a clean kitchen and a neatly mad...

February 3, 2015

Hey guys!  It is a quiet, gray day here in New York City.  I had one of those late nights working, and one of those early-rise mornings.  I get so excited to write to you guys, sometimes I cannot sleep!


Okay, so today I want to talk about your Creative Spirit.  Your Creative Spirit is...

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